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Quick Meal: Tater Tot Casserole 3

Posted on November 28, 2007 by DJ

I get my best work done in the evening hours so I don’t like to stop and make dinner. I need something that I can setup in the morning while I am still groggy, and pop in the oven in the evening so I don’t have to interrupt my flow.

Enter- tater tot casserole.

I saw this recipe mentioned while I was watching a special on the Duggar Family. My husband cringed, but I thought it sounded good so I looked up the recipe. When it came down to making it, I had to modify the recipe to suit my own tastes.

Disclaimer- despite sounding rather disgusting, it is a good meal.

2 lb ground turkey cooked, seasoned, drained
3 2lb bags tater tots
1 cup milk
2 cans cream of chicken
1/4 onion
shredded cheese

Cook meat with slices of onions & place in 9×13 pan. Mix soup & milk together. Sprinkle cheese over it. Cover with tater tots over top. Add a few more cheese sprinkles. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour.

Contrary to the original recipe, make sure you add the tater tots on top. Soggy tater tots are not tasty.

And yes, even though my husband was disgusted at the thought of me making this, he really enjoyed it.

Things That Make My Life Easier: George Foreman Grill 4

Posted on November 06, 2007 by DJ

A reoccurring theme on this blog will be that I don’t like to cook. Naturally I am always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen as short as possible. I don’t have all day to stand around in the kitchen, I have work to do!

There’s nothing like being able to slap some meat on the grill ,throw some tots in the oven, and say “dinner served.”

I couldn’t live without my Foreman grill for two reasons.

1. It drastically cuts down on preparation time.

2. It makes me feel healthy when I watch all the grease sizzle out of my meat that I am about to pile with cheese and a large side order of carbs.

Nothing beats a 10 minute meal so that’s why the George Foreman Grill makes my life easier.

Things That Make My Life Easier: Fast Food 9

Posted on October 27, 2007 by DJ

Ordering food or eating out wasn’t that expensive when I lived by myself and only ate once per day. Now that I’m married and there are several meals to be eaten it isn’t quite so cost effective. Still, I’m no chef, not even close, so fast food makes my life so much easier.

Case-in-point, I decided to make some chili because I figured it would be quick and easy. So I had all the ingredients in the pot and then I dropped in the beans. Right after I did that I realized that I needed to cook the beans first. So I quickly tried to scoop them out of the pot. You can see the results of that below. (Notice the pizza box?)

Next I put beans in a pot to boil. About an hour later the beans were still hard and they looked nasty. I decided to read the package and low-and-behold…you have to soak the beans the night before.

Meanwhile, it’s 8pm, I have no dinner made, and my husband will be home soon.

This is why fast food is one thing that makes my (non-cooking) life easier.

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