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Vonage is a Bunch of Liars 4

Posted on May 19, 2008 by DJ

I get worked up about bad customer service experiences. Since I haven’t updated in awhile, allow me to tell you about my bad experience with Vonage.

I signed up for Vonage in March of 2007. I heard the horror stories so I decided to ask lots of questions, especially about canceling. The person assured me that if I canceled after a year, then I wouldn’t be subject to any fees.

Fast forward to today, May 2008. I haven’t used my Vonage in awhile so I decided to call and cancel. I read online that they have rebuttals for every reason you’d want to cancel so I simply told them I wanted to cancel because my dog doesn’t like the service.

I threw the Vonage lady off a bit, but she still tried to weasel me in by offering me one month free, then two months free, then a discounted monthly rate.

I said no, the Vonage lady put me on hold, and then told me I’d have to pay a $40 cancellation fee.

Excuse me?

She said that I had a two year contract as per the terms of service. I told her that I was told that I was committed to one year, and that either she was lying or the person who signed me up was lying.

So my question is, who is lying at Vonage?

I have a feeling that if I try to cancel after two years, they’ll tell me I agreed to three years and so on.

We went back and fourth for a half hour and she refused to transfer me saying she was the highest level and if I wanted to talk to someone else I’d have to hang up and call back.

Nice customer service Vonage.

So I told her to give me the two months free and in the meantime I’d be contacting someone from corporate. Now I am starting to rethink that, I think I will just call back and cancel Vonage. Meanwhile I’ll be devising a clever SEO plan to warn people about Vonage.

Here are some more experiences with canceling Vonage.

Tom Keating tries to cancel vonage and records the call.

Here’s another post about the annoyances when trying to cancel vonage.

Here are some more recent complaints about Vonage. Oh look, someone else was orginally told it was a one year term and then when they went to cancel they were told it’s two years.

I haven’t tested this number, but apparently you can call 1-888-288-7435 to cancel Vonage.

P.S. Vonage got booted by the BBB.

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