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What Do You Do When You Are Feeling Blue? 1

Posted on January 31, 2008 by DJ

One of the joys of working from home is that when you are sick, you can take time off without feeling guilty….right?

I guess that all depends on what kind of work situation you have going.

When I first started working from home I had a boss that would call and check on me constantly throughout the day. She was all about results, results, results so I felt guilty if I needed time off.

One day I was really sick, but I kept on working, and when she made her first call of the day she told me to stop working and get some rest because my voice was terrible and I was probably turning off clients to working with the firm.

After that I adopted the attitude of “if I don’t feel well, I don’t feel well and that’s that”.

A lot of workplaces try to make you prove that you were really sick, “show me a doctors note” as if adults are children skipping gym class. Every sickness doesn’t require going to the doctor,especially if your insurance plan isn’t up to par. That time could be better used resting so you have a chance of feeling better in the morning.

I don’t have a “boss” anymore but depending on how severe it is, I still work a little bit if I’m under the weather, but I don’t kill myself trying to prove something.

How do you all feel about working while you are sick?

What about those who still work outside of home? Do you go to the office and spread your germs while you are sick, or do you call off?

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Excerise Your Way To Productivity 1

Posted on November 17, 2007 by DJ

I hate exercising.

But I love how I feel when I am on a regular workout routine.

It’s so easy to make excuses as to why you can’t exercise. I don’t have time, I can’t afford a gym membership, exercise doesn’t work for me. But when it comes down to it, exercising on a regular basis helps you become more productive because you get to release stress and you have more energy.

Here is what I am doing to help incorporate exercise into my life.

- I bought a gym membership. Since the contract is for one year there is no way I am going to pay $80 per month and not go.

-Exercise is now a family activity. My husband and I go together and work out as a team. Whether it’s lifting weights or doing cardio, we are doing it together which keeps me motivated.

- As you know, scheduling is very important to me. I plan on setting a regular schedule, but we haven’t done it yet. I’d like to say “on these days we exercise”, but we have yet to sit down and discuss that.

Exercising has helped my work and family life because it gives me a chance to just let go and drop thinking about my to-do list. If I am watching TV, at the movies, or at a restaurant I guarantee you that work is on my mind. But when I am working out I am not thinking about press releases, follow up emails, and adwords campaigns. In turn, when it’s time to go back to work, I feel more refreshed.

Maybe a gym membership isn’t in your budget- find what works for you. Go for walks, buy an exercise dvd, buy a used pieces of exercise equipment. Whatever you do, don’t make excuses because in the long run exercising will make your life easier.

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