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PSA For Newbie Bloggers 6

Posted on January 21, 2008 by DJ

Dear Newbie Bloggers,

Please stop showing your Feedburner stats when you have 10 subscribers.

It just looks bad.

Thank you.

For more on this

Dosh Dosh examines The Impact of Feedcount on Blog Subscriptions

Paul discusses Your Blogs Social Proof

John Tp discusses Faking Your Feedcount

Quick Links: Debunk Those WAH Myths 9

Posted on December 26, 2007 by DJ

It’s true that when you work from home a lot of people don’t take you seriously. I’ve found that some people simply cannot comprehend anything that is out of the traditional corporate American lifestyle. For instance,every time I talk to my father he asks me “So what are you doing with your life? Are you looking for a job yet?” The first 10 times it was funny, now it’s borderline offensive.

The I don’t have a “real job” is the myth that most often plagues me. Here are some other myths about working from home.

Work at Home Mom Myth

7 Myths About Work at Home Moms

You Must Play With Your Chia Pet All Day Myth

You are Lonely, Naked, and not Really Working Myth

Let me add another myth to my list. All women who choose to work from home aren’t moms. Can I get some work at home woman support? Just thought I’d toss that one in there :)

What myths have you encountered?

Quick Links: Why Twitter? 22

Posted on December 05, 2007 by DJ

My very first twitter was on August 15th and it said: I am not understanding the appeal of Twitter. I just didn’t understand how a service that only provided facebook-like status updates would be a good use of my time. Now I am a fan because it has helped me make connections that I never would have made before. Here’s a few posts that highlight why twitter might be useful for you.
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