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How To Tick Off Your Advertisers…. 5

Posted on February 24, 2008 by DJ

…and ensure that they’ll never advertise with you again.

Am I starting trouble…maybe.

Do I care…nope.

I decided to try out Project Wonderful since I’ve been seeing it on a few blogs I read. I wanted to get the word out about my new project, so I focused on blogs that I thought fit that audience.

There was one blog that I thought was perfect, and really I would have paid a lot more than the bids starting price. In fact, after being outbid once, I set my maximum bid much higher so that my chances of being outbid were low.

Imagine my surprise when I received this very terse email:
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So What If You Work At Home, Be Professional! 2

Posted on February 12, 2008 by DJ


If there’s one thing I’m serious about (besides not being spammed on a regular basis), it’s professionalism.

I think that with the internet being so relaxed sometimes people lose focus on basic business concepts. While it’s nice to be able to work in your pajamas if you choose, that doesn’t mean that you have to behave as if you are sitting on the couch, eating pizza, and combing your kids hair all while managing work obligations.

Early in my work at home career I experienced a large amount of unprofessional behavior. It happened so often that I started to be a bit biased towards people who worked at home, more specifically, women with children who worked at home.

I don’t hold those biases anymore but the issue is still valid. Here’s an article I recently wrote Are Work at Home Moms Unprofessional?

The main point is that family is important, but it’s not an excuse, or a reason to expect special treatment. Read it and let me know what you think. Am I being too hard on work at home moms, or are there some issues that we all need to consider?

Why Some People in Online Networks Hate Me 6

Posted on February 04, 2008 by DJ

I had to take a break from online networking because it was driving me nuts. Actually, it was more of a sabbatical as it lasted about 2 years.

The problem was that I was tired of dealing with selfish people who had no concept of the word networking.

I’ve gotten into plenty of heated debates over my views. People have said I’m not open to the spirit of community, people have accused me of only thinking of myself, and some people have just said things that I won’t dare repeat.

Despite that, my views haven’t changed and in fact they’ve only be reaffirmed.

What the heck am I talking about?

Well recently I decided to hop back into the online networking game.I signed up with a few networks on Ning. It only took about 5 minutes for my profile to be inundated with sales pitches, link dropping, and all others kinds of spam.

Yes, I call it spam and that’s where some people take issue.
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